Bagging a National CR Award is very motivating

Fr. Bijo Thomas from Community Radio Mattoli shares his thoughts on winning the national award.

OneWorld:  What does it mean to you to win this award?

Answer: Radio Mattoli is very happy to receive the national award. We consider it as a  great motivation for us in doing selfless service for the community served by the station and all our listeners.

OneWorld:  How does it feel winning more than one award?

Answer: We feel that our efforts are being recognised by the ministry and that means we have more responsibility to our listeners.

OneWorld:  Did you produce programmes  specifically to apply for awards or did you send your best programmes for awards?

Answer: We did not make any special effort to win the award, it was part of our regular hardwork.

OneWorld: What is your message for CR stations to encourage them to apply for CR awards in future?

Answer: When there are more participants for award it has a positive impact on the quality of the selected programmes.